The publications below are available to download as PDFs.
An in-depth report looking to uncover quantitative and qualitative evidence of the awareness, use and impact of the Generic Learning Outcomes (GLOs) on the museum sector in the UK. This study was commissioned by the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries, University of Leicester and published in January 2013. (0.3MB)
An article for the Family and Parenting Institute that argues that heritage and cultural organizations have a role to play in offering safe spaces for families to learn together informally (Spring 2012, 0.8MB)
The full report of the study of provision for children under 2 at the Museum of London and Museum of London Docklands. Evaluation carried out by Learning Unlimited In Spring 2012. (2.3MB)
A set of 10 key elements of effective practice in providing for children under 2 and their family adults in museums, identified through an evaluation study of the provision at the Museum of London in Spring 2012 (0.1MB)
A useful guide to providing for families in museums produced by eight museums in the East of England, with Jo Graham as the project mentor. (2012, 3MB)
A guide to developing provision for Early Years in museums published by the London Museums Hub. (2008, 1.4MB)
The summary report from a Rennaissance South West research project exploring how parents can support young children's engagement in museums. (2009, 1MB)
A project from the Potteries Museum, Stoke that explores how to encourage families to communicate in museum environments. (2009, 1.5MB)
An Early Years practitioners' guide to how museums can be used in delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage. (2008, 0.6MB)
An article that first appeared in Museum Practice (1999, 0.7MB)